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PostNL opens its parcel lockers to other carriers

PostNL has announced it will open up its parcel lockers to other carriers in the course of 2023. This means that consumers will be able to collect and send parcels from different companies using PostNL parcel lockers.

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There are currently more than 400 PostNL parcel lockers at various locations in the Netherlands. The company’s aim is to expand this number to 1,500 by 2024.

Most of the PostNL parcel lockers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By opening up PostNL parcel lockers to other carriers, it will be easier for customers to pick up or send their parcels at a time they choose, the company says.

“Consumers like to use the PostNL parcel lockers and find them extremely user-friendly. To further enhance the customer experience, we are therefore now busy expanding the number of PostNL parcel lockers and are working towards opening them up,” said Barry Husman, Director of Retail, Benelux.

At the same time, PostNL is building a special IT platform for the opening up of parcel lockers so that third-party carriers can link up with the lockers.