Primafrio Group adds 15 Volvo FH Electric trucks to its fleet

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Primafrio Group has announced the incorporation of 15 electric Volvo Trucks to its fleet.

Primafrio Group adds 15 Volvo FH Electric trucks to its fleet

The company says the new vehicles will be used for the collection of fruit and vegetable products at controlled temperatures in the Murcia region, which will later be distributed to EDEKA supermarkets in Germany.

These vehicles have been purchased with help of funds from the Murcia Regional Government’s Next Generation scheme.

Grupo Primafrio says its base in Alhama de Murci already has the necessary charging infrastructure for the integration of new energy vehicles. This includes 10 superchargers supplied by Power Electronics.

Primafrio emphasises that this has all been made possible thanks to Edeka and its co-commitment to sustainability.

Commenting on the announcement, Giovanni Bruno, General Director of Volvo Trucks, said:

“The delivery of these 15 electrical units from Volvo to Grupo Primafrio to provide supplies to the supermarkets of its European clients marks an era in the transport of heavy goods in our country and leaves It shows that productivity, performance and sustainability can go hand in hand” . In addition, Nuria Álvarez, the brand’s Electromobility Manager, points out „we are moving forward firmly hand in hand with our customers and partners on the road to decarbonization, and the start-up of these 100% electric trucks are a true reflection of the progress that we are making together. . Happy to contribute to making a part of the logistics chain zero emissions and accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.”

José Esteban Conesa, President of Grupo Primafrio, added:

“We are committed to sustainable mobility, always adapting to the needs of our customers. We develop numerous initiatives with which to improve energy efficiency and reduce polluting and greenhouse emissions. That’s why, as Volvo is a pioneer in electrical solutions, we are really happy to include their trucks in our fleet again. Likewise, Conesa has highlighted that in collaboration with EDEKA, we have developed a joint project that allows us to add value to the supply chain, through the commitment to more sustainable energies that reduce emissions from our operations”.

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