Elias Cruz of US cotton on production processes in a consumer industry

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Elias Cruz is the Operations Director for Mexico & LATAM in US Cotton for the last 4 years. Before this initiative, Elias worked for Danone Waters, and served as Technical Counselor to Operations VP through different geographies: Asia, Europe, Middle East for 8 years, and previously worked as a Plant Director in Mexico for 3 years. Before his experience in Danone, Elias worked for Coca Cola Femsa in Mexico being Engineering Manager and Project Manager. He initiated his career in ABB.

Elias Cruz of US cotton on production processes in a consumer industry

In this episode of the Alcott Global Leaders in Supply Chain Latin America podcast:

  • Elias’s time at ABB as a Project Engineer in Sweden, and his arrival at Coca Cola in Mexico
  • Elias’s move to Danone and the obstacles he faced
  • The biggest challenges Elias encountered during the pandemic
  • How Elias sees the importance of the Supply Chain through all the Manufacturing roles he performed at Coca Cola and Danone
  • The relevance of the digital transformation of the Supply Chain and Manufacturing functions through Elias’s previous responsibilities
  • The skills Elias considers the most important for leading the Operations function in an organization
  • Elias’s final recommendations  for professionals keen to develop their careers

For more episodes in this podcast series, visit the Alcott Global website.

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