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Protests intensify in Spain. Transporters’ organisation wants to hold farmers to account

Farmers' protests in Catalonia have caused huge problems at the French-Spanish border this week. Hauliers' organisations are going to court, accusing the organisers of the blockades of coercion and criminal threats.

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More than a month has passed since Spanish farmers began their protests. Last Wednesday, Spanish farmers protesting against government and EU agricultural policies blocked more than 30 highways and motorways, including the A-7 to the French border. Vehicles carrying fruit and vegetables from Morocco were looted on the roads of the border province of Girona. Later the same day, the Spanish transport union federation Fenadismer and its Catalan counterpart Agtc reported those responsible for the blockades on Catalan roads to the public prosecutor’s office, resulting in hundreds of hauliers being detained against their will.

Given the refusal of the Catalan security forces to guarantee the right to freedom of movement and to allow the demonstrators to maintain their blockades for a second consecutive day, the complaint calls for appropriate civil and criminal measures to be taken against all persons and institutions responsible for these acts, Fenadismer’s press release reads.

According to the organisation, the weeks of protests on much of Spain’s road network have caused unquantifiable economic and personal damage to tens of thousands of Spanish hauliers.

The time has come to demand civil and criminal liability from those responsible for these criminal acts, who, by their actions or omissions, hold transporters 'hostage’, preventing them from carrying out their work normally and even threatening to cause material damage to vehicles and their goods, concludes Fenadismer.