Warehousing boss launches non-profit association to aid refugee host families

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Since the start of Russia's invasion with Ukraine, the logistics industry has stepped up to the plate to help provide and transport vital aid. Many road and rail transport companies have rightly earned kudos by laying on complementary transports to bring this aid to those affected by the war. However, the founder of one warehousing company now wants to help in a different way.

Warehousing boss launches non-profit association to aid refugee host families
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Writing on LinkedIn on Monday, Hadley Dean, founder of warehouse development firm MDC², revealed that he had set up a charity with 3 others to financially support the many Polish families who continue to host refugees from Ukraine.

In his post, Mr Dean reached out for help and called on people to support his newly registered non-profit association, named Ukraine Relief.

Donations to the scheme can be made in Pounds, Euros and Polish Złoty – the full details are available on the charity’s website here.

“Today we are launching a non-profit association, UKRAINE RELIEF, which goal is to financially support Polish families who continue to welcome, cater and accommodate 2.9 million Ukrainian war refugees as guests in their own homes. This is the call to all my Western European friends – please donate and help lessen the financial burden of many Polish families who have given everything to those who have lost everything,” wrote Mr Dean.

According to the Ukraine Relief website, 20 families hosting more than 60 Ukrainian refugees have initially been selected by the programme. They will be directly provided with funds on a monthly basis of EUR100 per refugee hosted in pre-screened households. The charity says that all of the households were verified and visited by its team, and as it grows, this process shall continue.

Data from the United Nations shows that as of June 1st, Poland had taken in almost 3.7 million refugees from Ukraine. This sudden increase to the population has naturally stretched demand for housing and services. However, it is believed the willingness of so many Polish citizens to go out of their way to host refugees from Ukraine has significantly limited the extent of these problems.

Photo: Richard Says / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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