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Renault Trucks builds new  global spare parts distribution centre in Lyon

Renault Trucks has announced the construction of a new positive-energy building at the heart of its Saint-Priest site in Lyon. It will span 46,000 m² and represent an investment of €132 million. The building, which is due to open in 2028, will accommodate the brand's global distribution centre for spare parts.

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Renault Trucks has unveiled plans to build a new global spare parts distribution centre at its historic site in Saint-Priest, on the outskirts of Lyon, France, replacing older facilities.

The French manufacturer and the Volvo Group to which it belongs is investing a total of €132 million in the construction of this new logistics platform.

As the distribution centre’s century-old building in Vénissieux was no longer suited to the environmental and operational requirements of its logistics activities, Renault Trucks opted to relocate its logistics platform to the Saint-Priest site, where its axle manufacturing plant is currently located.

This plant is preparing to move to neighbouring Vénissieux, near the engine manufacturing plant.

Over the next three years, major work will be carried out to relocate the logistics platform to the site of the old plant, which will first require the demolition of the existing building and soil decontamination.

The building, which will host more than 500 employees, will comprise a flexible, scalable 46,000 m² warehouse integrating standard storage, a fully automated area dedicated to small parts, and an area reserved for battery storage.

The new distribution centre is designed to be a positive energy building. Equipped with photovoltaic panels on the entire roof, it will produce renewable electricity to cover not only its own requirements (including for heating the building, forklift trucks and recharging electric vehicles), but also those of neighbouring buildings. All the building’s facilities will be 100% fossil fuel-free, using this renewable electricity.