Photo: Pit1233, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Report: Deutsche Bahn selects 3 banks to run sale of Schenker

According to Reuters, “sources familiar with the matter" have said that Deutsche Bahn has selected Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank to run the sale of DB Schenker.

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It is said that the sale of the company could yield as much as 20 billion euros.

Reuters’ sources add that the final details on Schenker’s sale are being decided, with mandates yet to be formally signed off.

The process won’t begin until Q3 2023, as has been reported in the past.

Two other sources also told Reuters that IPO of the division has been discussed and that the process is likely to be dual track.

Back in December, the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) announced it had assigned DB’s Management Board the task of examining and preparing the case for a potential sale of up to 100% of its shares in DB Schenker.

Revenue from a sale of DB Schenker would remain in the DB Group in its entirety and be put toward considerably reducing the company’s debt, for example.

While DB Schenker has been a successful business both operationally and financially, rumours about its sale started spreading in 2021 summer. Some companies, like DSV, even expressed interest in a possible purchase.

Photo: Pit1233, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons