Report: combined transport to grow noticeably this decade

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Report: combined transport to grow noticeably this decade

A new report by the UIC (International Union of Railways) and the UIRR  (International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport) has forecast that combined transport will grow by almost 32% by 2025.

The above figure comes from a survey of the main stakeholders in combined transport, which also found that respondents expect combined transport volumes to grow by an impressive 65.4% by 2030.

However, the findings of the report itself also indicate strong future growth. The authors of the report say that the average growth in combined transport volume in 2020 is 4.7%, which is said to be „very positive in the long term”.

Should this trend continue, which the report believes is „quite reasonable”, it is argued that combined transport volumes will increase by 150% of the 2009 volume by 2029.

Other key takeaways from the 68-page report are as follows:

  • The respective percentages of how much rail, sea and road transport make up the combined transport total has varied very little between 2009 and 2018
  • In 2018, sea accounted for 5.5% of combined transport, road 76.5% and rail 18%
  • According to those surveyed, the biggest combined transport bottlenecks are deficits in rail infrastructure and a costly last mile process
  • A majority of survey participants believe the combined transport market has not been as severely hit by coronavirus as the road and rail freight markets
  • Over 70% of respondents say that the combined transport market will become more competitive within the next 3 years
  • A majority of combined transport stakeholders believe their transport volumes will increase in 2021

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