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Over 70 percent of truck drivers on German highways use CB radios. The Interior Minister of Hesse decided to use this fact for a just cause. Firefighters using CB radio will inform drivers about accidents on motorways, and thus – the necessity to set up a rescue corridor.

The idea is currently in the testing phase. Five units of the Hessen fire brigade were selected, which until now were most often called for rescue operations on motorways. The first system will be operated by firefighters from Bad Hersfeld, Kirchheim, Limburg, Seligenstadt and Neu-lüttburg.

Fire brigade units have been equipped with special devices with a range of 1000 m, which are able to simultaneously send as many as eight signals – each in a different language. The message „Attention! Rescue services are coming. Create a rescue corridor!” Will be broadcast in Hungarian, German, Czech, Russian, English, Turkish, Romanian and Polish. This solution will allow truck drivers to react quickly.

Eight channels in eight languages

Messages will be sent on dedicated frequencies dedicated to individual languages. Here are the channels on which drivers can receive the signals issued by emergency services:

– 8 AM channel: Hungarian,

– 9 AM channel: German,

– 10 FM channel: Czech,

– 15 AM channel: Russian,

– 19 FM channel: German / English (the Netherlands),

– 21 FM: Turkish,

– 22 FM: Romanian,

– 28 AM: Polish.

In Germany, failing to establish a rescue corridor is punished with a 240 euro fine, 2 penalty points and a driving ban for 1 month.



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