Residential drone delivery in the USA! E-commerce news by Nabil Malouli.

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Residential drone delivery in the USA! E-commerce news by Nabil Malouli.

Finally residential drone delivery in the US by Wing!! Walmart comes into your fridge, while Snapchat goes Ecommerce with Adidas & Gaming!

1. Drones drop packages on Virginia lawns in first-ever U.S. delivery

The first residential commercial drone delivery happened last week!! Yes, it’s real and it’s powered by Wing (Google)! Wing received earlier this year FAA approval to conduct scheduled, commercial drone package delivery to residences.
But what was delivered in this package?
A pink vest from Dick’s Sporting Goods
Tissues, water, Tylenol and cough drops from Walgreens.
Not the most exciting products you would expect but another key milestone in the race on drone delivery!

Mora on the revolutionary deliveries HERE.

2. Walmart Takes Part In $71M Funding Of Smart Lock Firm

Google purchased Nest for 3.2Bln in Feb 2014 (2nd biggest acquisition ever for GOOG).
Amazon purchased Ring for 1Bln in April 2018 (2nd biggest acquisition ever for AMZN).
Walmart is now catching up and investing 71M in the newest smart lock startup: Level lock. The company is promising to transform any deadbolt into a connected lock. Why are all these companies purchasing smart home and security solutions? In the world of eCommerce dominance, the future of last-mile and deliveries will be in-home personalized experiences. This is the reason why we are seeing these investments in companies which are linking e-commerce deliveries with in-home experience. No surprise that the news arrives the same week that Walmart started in-home delivery in 3 cities in the US.

Learn more about the investment HERE.

3. Walmart begins in-home delivery in 3 cities: Kansas City, Pittsburg & Vero Beach

Walmart finally rolling out its in-home delivery to three cities in the US. You can get your order in your fridge, home or garage! Just need a smart lock, the membership and here you go! Many people are still uncomfortable with the idea of having someone delivering in-home house but with the wearable which allows shoppers to remotely follow the delivery inside the home, I feel pretty ok with this (especially in the garage), what about you?

Are you interested in in-home delivery? Read about it HERE.

4. Adidas 1st to sell shoes via Snapchat game

Snapchat is leveraging gaming to push its e-commerce focus & adoption. The gaming industry is one of the fastest industry and has a huge growth potential! It’s estimated that the gaming industry is already a $139 Billion industry. Yes, $139Bln! It’s already bigger than the Film, Music, NFL, NBA, NHL industries combined!!
This move from Adidas is the first signal that major brands are starting to tap into this huge opportunity to start selling products online & position their brands with this group of consumers!!

Get all the info you need HERE:

5. Snapchat goes after retailers and DTC brands with new Dynamic Ads

I’ve been about the rise of social commerce since last year and we are now seeing all the major platform investing strongly into the space of e-commerce! Snap is the last one in announcing features to compete with Instagram and converting sales transaction through its platform! With consumers who are more and more agnostic to sales channels, you have to get sales transactions where the consumers are spending times!

Read THIS article to learn more about it.

6. StartUp of the week: Mall91

Social commerce firm Mall91 gets $7.5m from Go-Ventures, Beenext, others
Indian social commerce startup Mall91 has raised US$7.5 million in a series A round led by Go-Ventures & others, the company will use the funds to become a one-stop-shop for India’s internet users and expand internationally. India is one of the most promising e-commerce markets and highly competitive so companies successful in that geography have a huge competitive advantage to go internationally.

Nabil Malouli is VP, Global E-commerce for DHL Supply Chain where he leads the innovation, strategy and product development of its e-commerce fulfilment and last-mile solutions.

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