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Returns cost $50 billion a year, and this amount is increasing year on year as Internet trade grows. 

According to the American Reverse Logistics Association, more than $550 billion worth of goods is returned each year. The cost of these operations is $50 billion and this amount will rise due to the increase in Internet sales, reports. For comparison, Ukraine’s budget for 2020 is about 50 billion dollars.

A free return is what online shoppers expect. According to a consumer survey conducted by the UPS courier company, the free return service is the most important positive indicator for customers to repurchase from a reseller.

UPS estimates that this year the number of returns will increase by 26 percent compared to last year. This growth will also be influenced by the clearly growing e-commerce in social media, where purchases are made more often on impulse.

As we read on, the market situation is distorted by Amazon’s free returns policy, which covers a wider range of products, including white goods. 

Industry experts expect centralised warehouses for return logistics to be established in the coming years.

Photo: Pixabay


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