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RHA: freight crime category must be created to tackle organised threats to hauliers

The RHA says current reporting methods prevent an accurate assessment and is calling on the government to do more to tackle freight crime.

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RHA Public Affairs Manager Ashton Cull attended a round table on vehicle crime at the Home Office chaired by Policing Minister Chris Philp.

Cull told the minister that freight crime must be prioritised by the police and government because of its organised nature and impact on the wider economy. However, it remains difficult to see the full extent of the problem because reporting methods do not distinguish freight crime from other vehicle crime.

Giving police the ability to record the theft of fuel or cargo from freight vehicles would help build an accurate picture of what hauliers face. A specific freight crime category with appropriate sentencing guidelines could also help make freight less of a target.’

There were more than 5,000 reports of HGV and cargo crimes reported in the UK according to the 2022 National Freight and Cargo Crime Analysis Report. This is estimated to have cost the industry £68.6 million with the retail value being much higher.

The round table focused on vehicle thefts and improving vehicle security, as more safe and secure lorry parks can reduce freight crime.

The RHA estimates that the UK needs 11,000 HGV parking spaces across the country. 

The National Lorry Parking survey concluded that the use of current capacity is at near ‘critical’ levels.