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Rohlig Suus expands into Hungary with first warehouse opening

Rohlig Suus Logistics, a well-known Polish logistics operator, continues expanding in Central Europe. Last year, the company opened its own warehouse in Slovakia and acquired the Czech company Joppa Logistics, specialising in warehousing and groupage road transport. This acquisition nearly doubled their market share in the Czech Republic and strengthened their position in Central and Eastern Europe.

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In a few months, Rohlig Suus Logistics will open its first warehouse in Hungary. The multi-functional logistics centre will increase the company’s capacity to handle local and global supply chains in Hungary. In addition to warehousing services, the operator will offer full truckload and groupage road transport, rail, sea, and air freight, project cargo, and customs services in the region.

The 7,000 square metre warehouse will be located in the modern HelloParks Maglód logistics park, situated near Budapest’s international airport and close to key road routes.

“The state-of-the-art centre significantly increases our competence in Hungary. Contract logistics, including warehousing, order picking, and value-added services such as co-packing and labelling, join our portfolio. Our new investment can serve as a warehouse for raw materials and finished goods, as well as a distribution centre,” says Laszló Molnár, Head of Rohlig Suus Logistics Hungary.

Molnár highlights the warehouse’s strategic location close to the M0 motorway, the M4 (an important section of the E60 European route), and Budapest’s busy airport, making it a key centre in the supply chains of both local and international companies.

Rohlig Suus in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The Hungarian warehouse is another addition to the operator’s facilities in Central Europe. The company has launched similar centres in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in recent years.

In the last quarter of 2022, Rohlig Suus opened its first warehouse in the Czech Republic. The 8,000 square metre facility, located in the GLP Park Brno Holubice complex, allowed the company to expand its portfolio to include comprehensive contract logistics services, such as fulfillment for e-commerce customers, general cargo handling, and distribution of shipments to the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries.

Brno, like the area around Budapest, was chosen for its strategic location. The city is not only a sizable business centre but is also well-connected to Poland, Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary.