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Romanian lorry driver praised for heroic reaction to tunnel HGV fire

In a critical incident on Tuesday morning, a lorry carrying polyethylene experienced an engine fire in a tunnel in Italy.  However, the driver's prompt response and effective manoeuvres ensured the safe evacuation of the vehicle, averting a potential disaster.

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The 41-year-old Romanian driver was travelling through the tunnel of the road 687, connecting Lunano to Sant’Angelo in Vado in the Marche region in Italy, when he noticed flames beneath the driver’s cabin, reports Italian press.

He continued driving until reaching the tunnel’s exit, where he parked the lorry in an off-road rest area, a safe distance from the roadway. The driver then disconnected and moved the trailer away before elevating the cabin to reduce the impact of the fire.

Armed with a fire extinguisher, he tackled the blaze.

By taking decisive action, the driver prevented the potential explosion of the HGV’s engine, which operated on liquefied natural gas (LNG). The firefighters from Macerata Feltria swiftly arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire.

According to the reports, the fire was attributed to a technical issue, possibly a short circuit or an oil leak.

The Italian fire brigade praised the driver for his composed response and adept actions, which prevented a potential catastrophe within the Statal 687 tunnel. His swift decision-making and effective manoeuvres ensured the safety of both himself and others, averting a potentially devastating event on the highway.