Photo: Maersk

Maersk adds new Cross Dock facility to Rotterdam terminal

Maersk has inaugurated a specialised Cross Dock warehouse in Rotterdam at its Maasvlakte II terminal.

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According to Maersk, the warehouse will accelerate the flow of cargo significantly from arrival on a vessel to the point of sale – especially in the Benelux, German and French hinterland.

The company adds that after discharging containers from an arriving vessel, the products can be unpacked, transloaded to conventional trucks and dispatched to their final destination within hours.

Maersk has also welcomed Starbucks as the first customer in the newly opened warehouse, which features a total space of 23,000 sqm, 120 docks as well as interim storage space. At full capacity, over 200 new jobs will be created in the warehouse.

“The launch of this specialized cross dock warehouse right next to where the containers are being discharged from our vessels showcases Maersk’s capability to control and manage our customers’ supply chains at every step from factory to consumer. This adds resilience, flexibility and visibility to supply chains in times of increased disruption and geopolitical risks. In our new Cross Dock we are speeding up a part of the supply chain where others are losing days in some cases. With our Priority Flow offering it will be a question of hours to get cargo from a vessel on the road and to its final destination. The new warehouse will allow an unmatched delivery of cargo. The interim storage space adds flexibility to customers’ supply chains for instance in case of peaks when their storage facilities are at full capacity,” said Ole Trumpfheller, Managing Director for Maersk’s North Europe Continent Area (Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland).

The Cross Dock is located on the Maersk owned terminal Maasvlakte II, in the heart of Europe’s largest port. Terminal and Cross Dock have a direct internal road connection. Another direct road leads to the significantly enlarged STAR depot for an immediate return of emptied containers to the depot which will reduce D&D costs for customers.
Finally, the Cross Dock offers a fully bonded customs environment plus a dedicated area for Value Added Services. Moreover, Maersk stressed that for customers with temperature sensitive cargo like fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, meat, fish and other frozen food, a large coldstore warehouse is under construction on the same site at Maasvlakte II. It will have 40,000 sqm space with several temperature zones and is scheduled to start operations as from end of 2024.

“We are creating an interconnected eco system on Maasvlakte with excellent connectivity to road, rail and barge. Here, all the individual elements and value adding services of logistics and supply chains fit in nicely together into a comprehensive offering which simplifies logistics for our customers. It is a great example how the integrator strategy of Maersk is brought to life,” added Trumpfheller.