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Royal Mail passes 10 million litres of HVO used in lorries

Royal Mail has exceeded 10 million litres of hydrotreated vegetable oil used in its heavy goods vehicles since June 2023, the company has announced.

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While Royal Mail is currently navigating a potential takeover bid from Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky’s investment vehicle, EP Group, it has made considerable progress in its efforts to reduce emissions from its heavy goods vehicles. Since June 2023, the company has used more than 10 million litres of hydrotreated vegetable oil in its trucks.

HVO is a renewable fuel alternative to diesel, offering a significant reduction of up to 90% in direct greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional diesel. This initiative aligns with Royal Mail’s “Steps to Zero” environmental strategy, aiming for net-zero emissions by 2040.

The use of HVO in Royal Mail’s HGVs is a step towards achieving their environmental goals. This switch in fuel source is estimated to have saved over 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent since its implementation.

HVO is currently being used at six of Royal Mail’s largest sites, including key hubs in Daventry and Warrington, and across the East Midlands, Manchester, Sheffield, and Warrington. The company aims to deploy 27 million litres of HVO annually by next year, further reducing emissions and potentially saving a further 44,000 tonnes of CO2e.