Safety matters as cargo thefts are on the rise 

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The number of cargo thefts in the regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa regions has increased by twofold. According to the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), which is an international organisation combating cargo thefts, in 2019 the number of cargo thefts doubled from 3,981 to 8,548 incidents. Carrier companies have suffered losses of around EUR 137 million. The average daily loss in the region resulting from cargo thefts amounts to EUR 378,000.

The number of cargo thefts and other incidents has been increasing for many years. What is particularly worrying for the carriers is the number of incidents made public in March of 2020 by TAPA, which is the highest number of cases in the organisation’s 23-year history. The majority of cargo thefts still occur in the European region. The most cases of theft from trailers have been registered in Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Italy and Belgium. Thefts were registered in 48 countries last year, compared to 35 in 2018.

In the context of a significant increase in thefts, the European carriers are looking for ways to protect their cargo. At the current level of risk, comprehensive solutions are needed as cargo insurance, in this case, doesn’t always offer protection. Why? In many cases, not all losses are covered, and in the cases of non-compliance with the security requirements, insurance claims may not be covered at all.

In the case of cargo theft, the carrier is often the one held responsible. Therefore, cargo transport and logistics companies should pay particular attention to cargo safety. One of the ways to provide additional cargo protection is to use special high-quality equipment, such as Cargo Locking Systems®.

Cargo thieves are becoming more and more creative and they use the latest technologies to break into a vehicle and steal. All types of goods are stolen, from cheaper goods which are easier to sell – such as food, clothing and footwear – to goods of higher value, such as excise goods, medicines and jewellery. So we always provide safety solutions which are tailored to that particular type of cargo’, said Sales Manager Martynas Kozyrovičius from Cargo Locking Systems.

Semi-trailer Safety Systems for Each Cargo

To protect your cargo from thieves, Cargo Locking Systems offers special safety locks and modules tailored to refrigerated vehicles, box body semi-trailers and shipping containers.

All safety systems offered by Cargo Locking Systems have been created in close cooperation with the biggest cargo transport and logistics companies. Their experts are available for quick and reliable installation of safety systems. But the client can easily do this without any assistance, as all parts can be assembled hassle-free.

The trailer and container locks comply with the latest TAPA TSR 2020 Standard, so by purchasing the systems from Cargo Locking Systems, transport companies can implement the TAPA TSR certification procedure without restrictions.

For protection against fuel theft, Cargo Locking Systems offers a smart fuel tank protection system. Unlike most of the other, simpler systems, it protects not only the fuel tank cap but also the fuel tank sender and the engine hood. A smart management module protects the sensors from external damage and the integrated power supply guarantees full protection even in the event of power failure. Easily-installed equipment is adaptable to all types of trailers.

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