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The Scottish Salmon Producers Association has demanded that the UK Government allow seafood consignments to have priority when crossing the English Channel.

The trade body for Scotland’s salmon farmers argues that the UK Government must deliver on its commitment „to prioritise perishable seafood”.

The UK Department for Transport has said it has plans to prioritise the transport of both seafood and day-old chicks, which would allow these products to jump the queue at Channel crossing points.

However, with congestion already a problem at ports, the Scottish Salmon Producers Association want those new prioritisation rules to be introduced earlier.

Tavish Scott, the Chief Executive of the Scottish Salmon Producers Association, said that fish farmers could face a „second crisis” if trucks carrying seafood end up waiting in border queues.

“Ministers have to make it clear that they want the prioritisation of seafood and other time-sensitive products to begin as soon as possible. The time for that arrangement is now. If this is not done, then Scotland’s fish farmers are going to face a second transport crisis. They have already lost millions having been shut out of the European market in the run-up to Christmas. They cannot afford to go through that again. That is why the UK Government has to act now and make it clear that prioritising seafood consignments has to happen without delay.”

Photo credits: + Christopher Hilton / Geograph UK


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