See a truck carry an entire 139-year-old house in San Francisco

„Ladies and gentlemen, please stay on the sidewalks, there’s a house coming down the street” -warned a loudspeaker to the crowd gathered last Sunday morning in Franklin Street, San Francisco. Nearly 600 curious people gathered to see a 139-year-old house elegantly transported by truck.

The 133-ton Victorian house was moved 800 meters further to its new place by the family-run Phil Joy Housemoving and Leveling Company. Suffice to say, the 27-year-old driver of the Peterbilt truck was excited to start the engine.

Driver Cameron Scott said the scariest part of the journey was to come out of the street where the house originally resided, as there was a slope in the road and a 90-degree turn at the end of it, reported local paper San Fransisco Gate. Therefore, there was a truck in front and behind.

The pretty Victorian house had to move streets to give place to an apartment building with 8 floors and 48 flats. The spectacular idea cost the San Francisco broker and the owner of the house, Tim Brown, about $400,000 in fees and moving charges.  Seven residential units will be built in the old house, which is 800 metres further from its first address.

Cover photo: screenshot of the video by Mercury News

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