See what integrated monitoring of warehouse processes can do for you. Logistics 4.0 in practice.

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See what integrated monitoring of warehouse processes can do for you. Logistics 4.0 in practice.

ID Logistics is a logistics operator specializing in dedicated contract logistics. It is currently implementing an innovative solution – an integrated system for monitoring warehouse processes.

ID Logistics works for the retail (traditional and specialist retail chains), clothing, cosmetics, luxury goods, FMCG and e-commerce industries. Warehouse process monitoring is to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of control of operations in distribution centres managed by the operator. The integrated warehouse process monitoring system of ID Logistics supports management and ensures full control of operational processes. It concerns processes connected with order picking, especially multi-order picking, but also with preparing goods for distribution from warehouses to stores and handling complaints.

Monitoring of warehouse processes in three modules

The system consists of three modules which use devices mounted on forklift trucks. Their elements are put-to-light systems and high-resolution cameras, and dedicated software, connected to the warehouse management system WMS, is an integral part of the system. Its role is to guarantee the full exchange of data online. 

The integrated system for monitoring warehouse processes was prepared by the ID Logistics team in cooperation with a business partner, DCLOG.

“This is our original idea and the first solution of this type on the Polish market. Its implementation was preceded by several months of prototype tests, in which we combined available modules with new functionalities. We used tools that can work independently and are already used in our warehouses. Their combination into one system is innovative, which allows us to use their potential and achieve new benefits,” explains Piotr Krasoń, project manager at ID Logistics Polska.

“In the warehouse, where this solution is already in operation, we recorded a 5% increase in productivity and a drop in errors in the preparation process by about 72%. The time taken to analyze a complaint was also significantly reduced by over 60%,” adds Piotr Krasoń.

Colour and voice indicate the pallet

The first module uses optical put-to-light visualization and voice picking systems. They are to support multi-order picking (during one journey the warehouse worker prepares the goods for different customers or delivery points). The forklift truck he uses carries several pallets, which increases the risk of error he may make when placing a box containing goods on the wrong pallet. Support is provided by the dcPTL visualization system mounted on a forklift truck frame and connected to the WMS.  The device uses a specific colour to highlight a palette where a particular box has to be placed. The employee, equipped with a headset, hears a command on which pallets to put the goods. This makes work easier and prevents mistakes.

Video footage to find errors

The second module, dcStreamMobile, works by registering in the online system the preparation of orders using high-resolution cameras placed on the forklift trucks.  

The data is collected on a server and each video is marked with an article code, a pallet number and a customer name. This allows for quick identification of the relevant recording and checking how the process went, as well as why and where the error occurred. The footage is used not only for processing complaints. It also allows improving warehouse layout and operational processes.

“You can ensure that you do not place similar cardboard boxes next to each other, or correct the way the goods are placed on the pallet, thus reducing the risk of errors. The monitoring material is also used in training courses for employees,” explains Piotr Krasoń.

Streamlined complaint process

The third module, dcClaim, supports efficient handling of complaints.  It is connected to WMS, but also gives the possibility of integration with the external systems belonging to the customer. Thanks to this, when submitting a complaint online, you can track its status and easily contact the employee of ID Logistics who is processing the complaint. 

Image: ID Logistics

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