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A Russian YouTuber, the author of an unusual project, made a hybrid truck out of two completely different vehicles – ZiL 130 and BMW X5M. The monster that was born as a result of a crazy experiment is a sensation in all of Russia.

ZiL is a well-known Soviet truck, created for the dirtiest work in kolkhozes, including the removal of manure from the piggery. Today, even the oldest models are very popular in Russia. After all, it is an „indestructible” truck. It is worth noting that the label celebrated its hundredth birthday two years ago.

Lately, ZiL became popular again. That’s thanks to Konstantin Zarucki, who runs the AcademeG channel on YouTube. Youtuber decided to make a few changes and this is how ZiL 130 received a 4.4-liter BMW X5M turbo C engine with 600 hp, automatic transmission, new suspension components and a steering wheel. The modified dump truck reaches a speed of 100 km in 5.5 seconds. Incredible? And yet. You can see it yourself.

Source: YouTube/AcademeG The material about the creation of ZIL and its race with Porshe can be seen in another episode:

Photo: ScreenShot/YouTube/AcademeG



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