The industry startup Seven Senders personalizes and automates parcel delivery in Europe.

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The industry startup Seven Senders personalizes and automates parcel delivery in Europe.

For a company to deserve to be called a startup, it must be innovative. The list of such enterprises has been growing rapidly in recent years. Also, those that operate in logistics and transport. Personalized and automated parcel delivery is the speciality of Seven Senders that makes the company stand out.

Seven Senders is today called the leading parcel delivery platform in Europe. The startup founded by Johannes Plehn and Thomas Hagemann connects freight forwarders with carriers. The platform allows monitoring of deliveries in real-time and automates communication with the customer. Why is this so important? – Because we’ve collected all the useful tools and the best rates on international markets in one comprehensive platform! What does this help most? Real-time communication with the end customer, this service improves day by day. And this cannot be overestimated –  convinces Seven Senders.

The startup established in Germany ranks among the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in the country. It supports, among others, Westwing, Flaconi, Lesara, Mister Spex, Best Secret, SumUp, Foodspring and Bergzeit.

The company has been operating for five years, has its headquarters in Berlin, employs about eighty people, and its main goal is to optimize last-mile delivery processes. To this end, it associates the interests of senders with local package carriers.

In fact, the combination of existing transport networks and production capacity has two levels. The first is the physical level – connecting global carriers with an optimal supply network. The second is the level of information, and therefore the harmonization of all tracking and updating data. The solution offered by Seven Senders covers all areas around the parcel delivery: from transportation (invoices, customer service and insurance) to labels required by the sender or returns.

On the one hand, Seven Senders optimizes shipping, on the other, it finds the best supplier for each package. The whole is enriched with monitoring solutions, which is to provide the seller with transparency throughout the entire delivery process. Everything is based on Big Data and appropriate algorithms.

The offer is complemented by software enabling traders to monitor the performance of service providers for interested parties while informing customers about delivery updates. For retailers, it is possible to individually customize customer preferences after visiting the site, e.g. Amazon or Zalando (individually and regardless of the designated supplier).

For example, the Flaconi (one of the main cosmetics suppliers, offering 670 brands, including 43 thousand types of perfumes, care products, makeup, haircare, natural cosmetics) online store optimizes shipping processes using a delivery platform. The trading company uses the flexible carrier selection program, can use the most suitable forwarding service provider in each country, and optimizes delivery times and costs. This facilitates the international expansion of Flaconi.

Also, Flaconi uses tracking and monitoring software. It offers proactive delivery updates with the corporate site, as well as transparent and efficient analysis of all relevant shipping data. It’s about getting cost and efficiency benefits, ”explained Mathias Trilk, operations director at Flaconi.

Thanks to the consolidation of shipments, Flaconi is able to accelerate delivery by one day to foreign customers. When working with local operators in their countries, Seven Senders also takes into account the requirements of domestic customers. Optimized shipping processes does not mean having to “bind” to one supplier. Seven Senders consolidates parcels, also from various stores.

Recently, the startup has raised another EUR 16 million from investors to develop cross-border parcel delivery in Europe.

Photo: Seven Senders

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