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A stunning film showing a woman pushing a truck up a snowy hill in the Scottish town of Cowdenbeath has gone viral on Facebook. While some social media users have labelled the woman a “tank”, others have said she unnecessarily risked her life.

The video was uploaded to the traffic Facebook Page Fife jammer locations yesterday lunchtime; it has has since been shared over 1,700 times.

The clip can’t be embedded on this site, but you can watch it for yourself by clicking on the image below:

The truck in the video was transporting Graham’s milk products, which prompted a number of witty comments with milk connotations. There were also understandably a number of comments doubting the impact a single person pushing could have on the truck.

Was this a genuine act of kindness that should be commended? Or was it potentially reckless given the danger of the truck falling backwards? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo credit: Fife jammer locations


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