Shopping Anywhere, Anytime, Anything! E-commerce news by Nabil

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Shopping Anywhere, Anytime, Anything! E-commerce news by Nabil

Do we need stores? Do we need consumer facing fixed infrastructure? Would it be better & possible to have a mobile store? The “future is now” my friends! With convenience, flexibility and speed being critical to win in Ecommerce, DHL just launched first of its kind mobile pop-up store.

Other news this week:

  • Walmart+ is officially launching
  • Flipkart invests $35 million in Arvind Fashions
  • Rappi Ecom delivery app goes into Gaming, Events & Music
  • US online grocery sales hit record $7.2 billion in June
  • Laika raised 5M for ecom pet platform!

DHL Opens First-of-Its-Kind Mobile Pop-Up Store

While brick & mortar companies are going through the most difficult crisis in the history of the retail sector, I see a huge potential for this kind of flexible popup solutions to test products, explore new markets and launch new lines. More to come and proud to see DHL leading the way here!!

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Walmart’s Amazon Prime competitor will launch in July

One of the keys to the success of Amazon is Prime, in fact it represent 6% of AMZN revenue today!!

Prime is about to have a new “true competitor” with Walmart launching Walmart+! It will be interesting to see if people drop prime? Take both memberships or don’t change anything, what do you think?

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Flipkart invests $35 million in Indian fashion brand to target youth

Fashion is without a doubt one of the product categories which is the most impacted & penetrated in ecommerce! With leading companies across the globe such as Asos, Zalando, Boohoo, MatchesFashion, RentTheRunway, we have seen major marketplaces also pushing on their offering in fashion! Many people thought you would not go to a market place to buy your fashion products but the ecommerce giants have proven they can be appealing in this space as well. The investment from Flipkart in Arvind Fashion is showing again the importance of Fashion in the product offering of marketplaces in the race for market dominance!

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Rappi launches entertainment hub including music streaming and live events in Latin America

When I lived in China (2006-2009), many of my friends and professional contacts were often talking about China copying western products and ideas. Things have changed, and particularly in ecommerce where China is by far the most innovative, advanced and sophisticated market in the world. The Chinese Ecommerce leaders has created hollistics ecosystems offering marketplaces, social commerce, payment, entertainment…etc.

We are now seeing these kind of ecosystems being critical for success and this is the reason why this announcement from Rappi is a very good move

Rappi is launching three new services focused on entertainment: Music, Events & Games! The LATAM market which has been booming since the start of COVID has a huge potential, so good timing for this launch.

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US online grocery sales hit record $7.2 billion in June

US Online Grocery numbers talk for themselves!

$4 billion in March (lockdowns starting in US)

$5.3 billion in April

$6.6 billion in May

$7.2 billion in June

Do you see a trend here?

45.6M households turned to online grocery pickup and delivery services for a larger portion of their grocery needs. Even as stores and economies are reopening, the volumes are growing! This is a long term impact as the convenience of online purchase is an addictive experience.

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LAIKA, the Colombian Ecom pet food company raised $5M

Pet food online sales is one of the categories of products which has been most positively impacted by Covid and no wonder why? Who enjoys to go to the super market to carry large & heavy bags of Pet Food? This is a category which is enjoying 2 major trends, COVID growth for online sales combined with subscription business models.

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Nabil Malouli is VP, Global E-commerce for DHL Supply Chain where he leads the innovation, strategy and product development of its e-commerce fulfilment and last-mile solutions.

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