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The introduction of the tachograph (ELD – electronic logging device) in the US  is one of the most controversial events in American transportation industry in recent years. Six US states have taken action to withdraw the obligation to have ELD in a truck.

Despite loud protests of the American transport industry at the end of last year the local transport safety organization FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Organisation) introduced the obligation to have tachographs (ELD). The ratio of working time to rest has not changed – the driver can work 14 hours of which driving can take up to 11 hours. Then the driver must take a 10-hour break.

At present, six states are taking action to withdraw the obligation – informed the American business website It turns out that Tennessee, Missouri, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota and Alabama are introducing the provisions which are supposed to question the obligation of having ELD.


The authorities of the state of Tennessee are working on a law that would prevent the use of state funds to enforce the provisions regarding ELD. The act was issued by the Tennessee Representative Dale Carr and was referred to the Subcommittee on Transportation this month.


In Missouri, the draft act (HB) 2437 was presented that forbids „the introduction, implementation, ratification, codification or the enforcement of any laws, rules or regulations that require the drivers of motor vehicles to use electronic recording devices.”


In Wyoming,  the draft act was presented which specifies that the federal regulations requiring electronic recording devices are not compatible with the law of Wyoming. At the same time, the new rules would prevent the officers of Wyoming from enforcing the obligation to have a tachograph. The act was referred to the subcommittee on transportation.


Mark Harris, the senator from Idaho, asked FMCSA for a permanent extension of the 90-day exemption from the new requirements for the transport of farm animals.


The Alabama authorities have asked FMCSA to check the current ELD laws and regulations on working hours and flexibility in the rules, in particular for the drivers transporting agricultural products.

South Dakota

In South Dakota, many legislators urged FMCSA to withdraw the obligation of having ELD and find a reasonable solution for the modification of the existing regulations.

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