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As of Monday 16th November, the Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands will use smart cameras to catch drivers holding their mobile phones while in control of their vehicle.

According to Article 61a RVV in the Netherlands, holding any mobile electronic device intended for communication or accessing information while driving is against the law.

Dutch legal news site report that the smart cameras will automatically forward evidence of violations to the country’s Central Judicial Collection Agency. This can result in drivers being fined 240 euros.

The smart cameras have already been used to effect in Australia. In the Netherlands, they are to be installed in numerous locations, including bridges looking over motorways.

During a two-day trial of the technology in the Netherlands, 400 drivers were found to have used their phone while driving. The cameras can function day and night and in all weather conditions, and are also easy to move. As a result, they can be deployed in different locations every day.

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