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Since last week, a special system has been in operation on the Dutch road N279 to measure the tyre pressure while the vehicle is in motion. It is supposed to increase safety in road traffic.

More than 4 out of 10 incidents involving truck tyres are due to insufficient tyre pressure, the Dutch portal reads. The intelligent dynamic tyre pressure measurement system on the N279 in Erp (province of North Brabant) aims to prevent such incidents while improving traffic flow and safety. 

How the system works

All it takes is for the truck to pass through the measuring point – the sensors are installed in the road surface between Veghel and Asten. Without having to stop the vehicle, they will measure the tyre pressure. The information is then displayed on a roadside LED board. The message will appear in two languages, English and Dutch, and will indicate whether the pressure measurements are within the limits.

A similar system is already in use on A16 near Rotterdam. 

Photo: Pixabay


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