Smart traffic lights in the Netherlands. Trucks will take advantage of them.

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Smart traffic lights in the Netherlands. Trucks will take advantage of them.
The Dutch are testing the intelligent iVRI lights, which can exchange information between the vehicles and the traffic lights. The motion control system can adjust the duration of the green light to the intensity of traffic.

iVRI can not only send information ( about the red or green lights) but also receive data and „see” what kind of vehicles come up. The signalling device can also be given to specific traffic participants (eg public transport, trucks, cyclists, emergency services).

Intelligent lights have already been installed in the Helmond region at the junction of Deurneseweg on the A67 – reports In addition, smart signalling is also part of the so-called new technologies implemented on the N279 road. As a result, on the N279 route in Veghel (southern Holland), in the business park at De Amert to the Rembrantlaan junction, the system will be installed in autumn.

First results

The tests of the new system have shown that time spent in the traffic could be decreased by as much as 10 percent during rush hours – thanks to smart signalling. As a result of the smart system, the smooth flow of trucks is increasing, according to data provided by the portal. In addition, the traffic of trucks improved during off-peak hours – tests showed an increase of 17 percent . What’s more, thanks to iVRI, trucks did not have to stop and accelerate at every moment, therefore CO2 emissions dropped by 2 percent.

Tests in Australia

Some time ago we reported a similar system that was implemented in Australia. Approx 110 trucks were equipped with special transmitters that communicated with the traffic lights. The signal sent by the trucks reached the lights, which switched to longer green lights. As a result, trucks had more time to cross the intersection without creating long traffic jams.

– Heavy vehicles need a lot more time to stop at a red light and then re-enter the traffic. This can cause delays for all road users, – explained Melinda Pavey, Australian Minister of Transport, New South Wales.

Photo: Pixabay / staboslaw CC0

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