As part of the EU-funded Smartchain project, a dedicated online platform was launched. It will support initiatives aimed at optimising fruit and vegetable supply chains.

The Smartchain project was launched in September last year, when it was created by 43 institutions from 11 European countries. Over the next three years, this EU-funded project is expected to develop innovative services in the areas of development, market access, logistics, storage and distribution in agricultural production. Nine organisations will participate, which will operate in France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Serbia, Switzerland and Spain.

The project uses an interactive innovation model in which all project participants (entrepreneurs, practitioners and researchers) work together. Solutions developed in this way will concern the use of technology, business management, customer relations, innovation support, communication on the market.

In order to strengthen cooperation between Smartchain partners and ensure the flow of knowledge, the project developers have created 9 innovative hubs (in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and Hungary). They will only work on issues relating to short food supply chains. Hubs will be supported by an innovative virtual centre, which will make it easier for those interested to get involved.

According to Susanne Braun, Smartchain Project Coordinator, “all those involved are convinced that the short supply chain model can be introduced on a wider scale in a friendly, sustainable way, ensuring profitability and environmental friendliness. The project deliverables will help us achieve this goal.”

Photo: Pixabay


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