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Reports from Spain say that the country’s road transport authority, the DGT, is planning to follow France in introducing a standard for signaling HGV blind spots.

The new standard is thought to be part of a package of new measures related to urban mobility.

The blind spot signaling measure is specially designed to avoid accidents between HGVs and pedestrians, bicycles, motorbikes and mopeds among others.

However, the measure adopted in France has caused a stir throughout the European Union and also provoked a negative reaction of the IRU, who has registered a complaint to the European Commission.

Germany’s Federal Association of Freight Transport, Logistics and Waste Disposal (BGL) is also reportedly looking into legal mechanisms it can use against the obligation to have blind spot stickers on trucks in France.

The Commission believes that any regulation must maintain an appropriate balance between safety and the free movement of vehicles.

Many in the road transport sector hope that a European blind spot standard applying across the EU can be introduced. That would avoid the need to make changes to trucks to meet the specific requirements of each member state.

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