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Basque bus manufacturer, Irizar, announces that it will now manufacture trucks and focus on electromobility. Irizar e-truck will soon be a reality.

Irizar ie truck is 8 meters long and will be able to carry loads up to 18 tonnes. A producer from Ormáiztegui (Basque Country in Spain) will use the same technology that is now used in buses. Only this time it will be incorporated in trucks.

The vehicle will have the same electric motor and batteries as the electric buses” – said last Friday Héctor Olabe, general director of electromobility in Irizar.

The company announced the extension of the offer for trucks, but has not yet indicated the date of commencement of production.

Basque trucks will be equipped with pantographs (they will be charged similarly to trams) and will be able to move around cities without emitting exhaust fumes or noise. Initially, they will be used to transport waste from cities. The range of the body will be gradually expanded.




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