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In Spain, the use of radar detectors and jammers is forbidden. The Civil Guard warns of high fines for breaking the ban.

Many road accidents happen because of excessive speed due to which thousands of people die every year in Europe. Speed cameras are one of the most effective tools to fight road pirates. However, there are plenty of „heavy-duty” drivers who try to outwit them using equipment that detects or interferes with their operation. Among them are detectors and radar jammers, which are illegal in many EU countries. Their use is also punishable by law.

High fines in Spain

At the beginning of May, the Spanish Civil Guard alerted drivers in a post on the Twitter that the use of radar detectors and jammers is severely punished.

Fir using a radar detector you risk a fine of 200 euro and 3 penalty points. A driver caught with the jammer will pay 6 thousand euro and 6 penalty points will be charged.

Regulations in Germany

According to German law, § 23 para. 1b of the German Highway Code (Strassenverkehrsordnung – StVO), the use of detectors, navigation and mobile applications to detect radars is prohibited. The fine for violations amounts to 75 euro and 4 penalty points. It is interesting that the traffic police must have a proof that the driver was using the device while driving to issue a ticket. Nevertheless, both the application and the navigation can be in the car and drivers can make use of them before entering the road – we read in the German fines catalog (Bussgeldkatalog). However, it is illegal to bring a radar detector with you.

Devices of this type cannot be kept in a car driving in Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria and Poland. In Switzerland, it is prohibited not only to bring a detector with you but to have such equipment at all.

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