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A healthy driver is a safe driver. A Spanish carrier has decided to challenge drivers with overweight and obesity. During a period of one year, they had to lose at least 10 kg.

The Spanish carrier takes the health and well-being of his employees very seriously, which is why in the middle of last year the company created an unusual initiative. During one year, those drivers who were overweight were encouraged to lose at least 10 kg. For reaching the goal they received 100 euros for each kilogram dropped.

56 kg for 5.6 thousand euro

16 courageous people took up the challenges, including the head of the Tanden Transportes company, Félix López, but only four of them exceeded the „magic jackpot.”

Agustín de Blas received a check for the highest amount – 2,200 euro. He has been working in the company for 17 years. The Spaniard dropped 22 kg (from 116 to 94 kg), giving up fried food, sweets, and alcohol. He admits that the first 10-12 kg disappeared quickly, but dropping the next few was a real challenge.

Lucio Arribas lost 12 kilos, Agustín Traian and David Abad 11 kg each. Everyone in the new, smaller size feels much better than a year ago.

The Tanden Transportes initiative is not only about the health of employees, but also about stereotypes. „Not all truckers are fat and wear shirts on straps” – emphasizes Félix López.

Here are the employees who took on the challenge, in the „before” and „after” shots:


Polish drivers also have a problem with obesity

„Report on the health of professional drivers” provides alarming data. The report was prepared for the Truckers Life Foundation by the Nutrition Research Group from the Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań. It shows that 43 percent of drivers of HGVs tested by the Foundation are overweight, which directly translates into the driver’s behavior on the road and driving safety.

Drivers are one of the groups particularly exposed to low physical activity and, at the same time, an inappropriate diet. According to scientific research, truck drivers consume only about 720 kcal in 8 hours of work. This means „very light intensity of physical effort”. For comparison, miners, while working, consume 3120 kcal in 8 hours time, four times more than drivers.

The health of employees in the transport industry also affects how they relax. As many as 64 percent of respondents asked about forms of recreation outside work, prefer passive rest, such as watching TV or using a smartphone or tablet. Only every fifth respondent in this group spends his free time actively.

Guys, get out of the cabins!

How important it is to take care of a healthy diet and movement especially in the driving profession, shows the story of 27-year-old Dominik. The man, despite his young age, has already undergone two heart attacks. Not enough sleep and movement, too much work and stress, unhealthy diet and cigarettes – just enough to bring about a heart attack. Now Dominik is trying to live a healthy life, although in his profession it is very difficult. If he was to send an appeal to other drivers – he would say: boys leave the cabins!

Activity on the road

The way to maintain good health on the road is to be active and aware of a healthy lifestyle. The open-air gyms of the Truckers Life Foundation are located at the largest parking lots in Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Poland. Today, the Truckers Life gym network consists of almost 100 training parks, which help to stimulate strenuous muscles, bones and joints while improving the concentration and performance of the heart and lungs.

Looking at the Foundation’s Instagram profile, you can see that there are more and more drivers who know that good physical condition translates into safety on the road. Truckers exercise at our outdoor gyms, but also bring their exercise equipment with them and train together in parking lots. All this means that we have more and more conscious and safe drivers on our roads” – says Patrycja Rubik from the Truckers Life Foundation.

The Foundation also conducts a number of educational and preventive activities to motivate drivers to change their lifestyle for the better.

This year, we are launching a new project that will help to make even more truckers aware of their health condition and motivate them to change their lifestyle. Traveling research is a quick and easy way for drivers to check their health condition, and for us, the ability to monitor drivers’ health and apply appropriate prevention for the sake of their health and safety on roads” – adds Rubik.

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