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It’s a Scania, but not as we know it. The local health authority in Stockholm has purchased a specially equipped Scania R 410 to use as an ambulance.

The truck, which is 10 meters long and 3.5 meters high, is intended for the treatment of people whose injuries require immediate intensive care.

The purpose of the lorry is to use the size of the trailer care to create a mini-intensive care hospital ward. The ambulance has the same kind of respirators, pumps and monitoring equipment you’d find at an actual hospital.

Scania say that once the alarm is raised, the ambulance can be on its way within 90 seconds.

Christian Strand, a Stockholm-based ambulance paramedic, said that safety was one of the primary reasons for choosing Scania:

„Scania was the only truck with airbags for the side windows for both the driver and passengers. Moving a patient is among the most critical things you can do and we wanted eliminate the risk factors.”


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