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Thunderstorms with hail, strong gusty wind – weather forecasts for the coming days are not optimistic. The weather collapse significantly affects the quality of driving. Moving in such bad conditions is very dangerous. Here are a few tips that will help reduce the risk of an accident.

The sudden breakdown of the weather, according to weather forecasts, will continue for the next few days. This sudden change is due to storm Fabienne that is currently passing through Europe.

A few important tips

What to remember and how to behave when driving a truck during a strong wind and storm?

First of all, take your foot off the gas. Speed reduction is essential when driving in difficult conditions. In the case of strong wind, the direction in which it blows is of great importance. If it blows forward or behind – just release it. The most dangerous is the side wind, which can push, and even overturn a semi-trailer truck. Then stop the vehicle immediately and wait until the conditions are favorable for further driving.

Secondly, in the case of a storm, avoid driving through bridges, overpasses and forests. Strong gusts can knock down nearby trees on a road or vehicle.

Thirdly, hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands! Thanks to this, it is possible to react quickly to changing conditions on the road. The driver can then control the car in which, for example, a strong wind gusted.

Above all caution

Driving in bad weather conditions requires a lot of concentration and a sober assessment of the situation. If you see and feel that the conditions prevailing on the road do not allow for further driving – stop. Do not leave the vehicle, wait for the storm or wind to settle down. Only then continue driving.

Photo: BY-SA 2.0 / altotemi


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