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Netherlands introduces subsidies for electric and hydrogen trucks

Dutch road hauliers can apply for a state subsidy when buying a new green truck, the government announced on Monday. The amount of support depends on the size of the company; smaller companies can be reimbursed up to 60% of the additional costs compared to a diesel truck, while larger businesses can apply for a 40% subsidy.

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The scheme will become active as of the 9th of May.

“Electric trucks are a lot more expensive than diesel trucks. That is why we’re giving financial support to entrepreneurs who switch. I hope that the electric truck will soon be just as normal on the road as the electric passenger car,” commented Infrastructure and Water Management State Secretary Vivianne Heijnen.

The amount of the subsidy depends on the type of vehicle and the size of the company.

Large companies can be reimbursed up to 40% of the additional costs compared to buying a diesel HGV (subsidy and tax advantage). For the smallest companies with fewer than 10 employees, the financial aid can be as much as 60% of the difference.

The subsidy scheme shall run until the beginning of 2027. The Dutch government has earmarked €40 million for the subsidies, which will be available until 2024. Of the € 40 million, € 13 million can be issued this year.