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As part of the pilot scheme, the British agency DVSA has entered into an agreement with a group of exceptional companies whose trucks will not be stopped for roadside stops.

DVSA has recently published a list of companies that will take part in the pilot scheme. The list includes, among others, supermarket and wholesaler chains, a municipal company, and courier and transport companies with 28-100 trucks. Here are the names of some of them: Sainsbury’s, Fraikin, Cemex, 3663, BT Fleet, Wincanton, DPD, John Lewis, Freightlink Europe, Simmonds Transport, F&R Cawley, Boston’s Staples Bros, and JP Walton & Son. All companies participating in the pilot scheme have so far received exemplary rankings in activities of the agency.

DVSA has concluded an agreement with them under which their trucks will not be stopped for roadside checks, and if so, the inspections will occur very rarely. In turn, the companies will be regularly remotely transferring their documents to the agency, particularly prints from tachographs and bills of lading.

The limited roadside checks are a benefit for all

The pilot scheme, as the agency emphasises, will bring benefits both for the companies and the inspection authorities. The companies will be able to save time and conduct deliveries on time, while the agency officers will be able to focus on drivers and vehicles that pose a real danger on roads.

„DVSA’s priority is to protect you from unsafe drivers and vehicles,” emphasised Gareth Llewellyn, DVSA chief executive, in the official announcement.

This pilot allows the best operators to go about their business unhindered, so we can target our activity at those most likely to be a danger to all road users,” added Llewellyn.



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