Culina Group unveils its “radically new” TechHub concept

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This Culina Group will introduce its TechHub this summer,  which it believes is a radically new concept in UK 3PL.

Culina Group unveils its “radically new” TechHub concept

In a statement, Culina Group said that the Techub, based at its head office in Warrington, is to be a completely new department within its organisation.

“TechHub will be both physical and virtual, to bring creative and innovative people from across the business together. It will be a convenor and catalyst, providing space and support for innovation, business development and engagement within the technology space,” says Culina Group.

The company added the TechHub will focus on “technical development and evolution of cutting edge new ideas, innovations, and initiatives.”

In the words of the Culina Group, the new department will allow the company “to grow, expand, and further build its reputation as a progressive market leader in UK Logistics.”

According to the Culina Group, the TechHub will focus on the following:

  • Ideation – developing ideas and concepts, the sequence of thoughts, from original concept to implementation
  • Innovation – defining a change or update that dramatically improves efficiency, productivity, or outcome, not just a change but a “game changer”
  • Initiative – making the first steps to taking a new concept from vision into reality
  • TechHub will be a dedicated centre of innovation where Culina Group will trial tools, processes and technologies to support and enable growth to become the UK’s most technologically advanced 3PL.

In addition to the TechHub itself, Culina will form a “Matrix” Team aimed at fostering innovation, exploiting new ideas, and defining “exciting new concepts” for the further evolution of the business.

The company has also invited persons to submit their “brilliant new idea” to the email address.

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