Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure - photo credits @ AddSecure

Telematics provider Astrata acquired by AddSecure 

The European telematics branch of Astrata will be taken over by AddSecure, a provider of secure Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and comprehensive solutions. This move will allow AddSecure to increase its market share and strengthen its position as a provider of IoT solutions for the transport and logistics industry throughout Europe.

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Astrata Europe BV, headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, offers a range of connected fleet solutions, including asset tracking, and driver and cargo solutions.

The takeover agreement was concluded on June 5. This merger not only expands AddSecure’s presence in the European market but also introduces the company to additional countries where it has not been present so far, such as Italy and Hungary.

“This acquisition represents a significant milestone for AddSecure as it strengthens our position as a leading provider of IoT solutions to the transport and logistics industry across Europe. Thanks to the integration of Astrata’s European telematics division, AddSecure is well-positioned to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions to its customers,” said Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure.

The acquisition also brings additional telematics expertise and expands AddSecure’s sales capabilities. Astrata Europe’s customer base, including several key players in the European market, will further strengthen AddSecure’s position in the industry.

For Astrata Europe, the merger is an opportunity to join a large, expansive European IoT company, enabling it to deliver its next-generation transport management solutions even more comprehensively and effectively throughout the region.

“Synergy between our technologies and teams will increase our capabilities. Existing customers of both entities will benefit from a broader product portfolio and our combined expertise,” added Claes Ödman, CEO of Smart Transport, the AddSecure business unit.