Tesla, a manufacturer of electric cars has problems with deliveries of new cars to Norway. Problems arose from the change of port to which cars produced on the other side of the Atlantic were arriving. The consortium, which belongs to billionaire Elon Muska, also stated that it has trouble finding competent carriers who would take the cars to the customers.

The Californian e-car manufacturer usually delivered its vehicles to Norway via the Drammen harbor, not far from Oslo. However, due to the increasing number of imported vehicles, they now arrive on ships to the port of Gothenburg, Sweden. From there, they are transported to the salons in Norway, where Muska has the largest global sales per capita (per capita of the country). To accomplish the task, the manufacturer needs a larger number of trucks and here’s where the trouble begins – reports the news site, Electrek.

According to many reports from the Norwegian media, over half a dozen trucks carrying Tesla cars have been detained by the services for various security reasons. What’s more, one of the trucks, which was not stopped, had an accident where to Tesla S models were crushed.

Transport of Tesla is far from being eco-friendly

The Elona Muska group claims that there is a lack of carriers who meet Norwegian road requirements. The company holds the environmental concern at the heart of its policy and yet the car transporters have the Euro 3 class, which have high emissions of CO2.

We’re working on finding an alternative. We have turned to the Norwegian Motor Transport Federation to help us find other carriers who are able to handle our transports” – explained a Tesla spokesperson in Norway to the local media.

After the publications in the Norwegian media, the owner of the group himself made a comment.

I have just asked our team to slow down deliveries. It is clear that we are exceeding the local logistics capacity due to batch build and delivery. Customer happiness & safety matter more than a few extra cars this quarter” – tweeted Elon Musk.

The issue of transport is particularly important for Tesla this week, as the quarter ends, and usually the third month of the quarter marks the largest deliveries. According to the registration data, Tesla delivered just over 300 vehicles to Norway in the first two months of this year. In March, there were almost a thousand deliveries and the month has not ended yet.

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