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In connection with the growing transit traffic through the Czech Republic, the local association of carriers CESMAD, with the support of Česká Kancelář Pojistitelů (ČKP), has created a special portal providing information on road conditions and truck traffic. The aim of the initiative is to improve safety.

According to CESMAD information, the number of trucks in transit through the country is growing every year on the Czech roads. Unfortunately, the number of accidents involving them is also increasing proportionately, and Czech politicians are therefore proposing stricter rules and solutions which are unfavourable to carriers. Ideas include extending traffic bans, overtaking bans, etc.

In order to avoid their implementation, CESMAD has prepared a special campaign and created an information portal in seven language versions (also in English). The aim of the campaign is to increase the knowledge of foreign drivers about Czech regulations, truck traffic restrictions and road conditions. 

As part of the initiative, in June this year, thousands of drivers received a leaflet “HIGHWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION”, featuring, among others, a map with marked fragments of motorways renovated during the summer season (as many as 40 sections only on the D1 motorway).

Additionally, the current road situation in the Czech Republic can be found on the website And the list of roads on which there are currently closures and obstructions – on the subpage.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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