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Today is the day the British call „frantic Friday”. The reason is the end of the school year. British media report that nearly 4 million drivers took to the roads.

Traffic jams can be expected throughout the weekend. For the next three days, around 9 million Britons will enter the road to get to selected holiday destinations. The most congested roads are:

Friday, July 20:

– M40 south, between node 3A and 1A

– M5 to the south, between nodes 12 and 31

– M5 to the north, between nodes 31 and 12

– A303, M3 to A37

Saturday, July 21:

– M25, between nodes 23 and 16

– M1 to the north, between nodes number 6 and 23

Sunday, July 22:

– M25, between nodes 23 and 16

– M40 south, between node 3A and 1A

In addition, meteorologists predict intense thunderstorms and 30-degree Celcius heat in some parts of Great Britain.

Drivers can expect difficulties and even mini floods caused by heavy rains. Some trains and buses may also be canceled, especially in the evening.

– The hottest air will be in the South East, with the heat and humidity combining to set off thunderstorms for Friday evening rush- hour” – Aidan McGivern of the British weather station told the Daily Mail.

Photo: Twitter/TheRac


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