The first fifth-generation Kamaz rolled off the production line. It is cheaper than you thought.

The first fifth-generation Kamaz rolled off the production line. It is cheaper than you thought.

The Russians are bursting with pride – the modern Kamaz 54901, known as the fifth-generation truck, has rolled off the production line. The new vehicle is the successor to the 5490. The manufacturer assumes that the truck will be able to drive 1.2 million km, and the price ranges from 50 thousand to 71 thousand euros.

Work on assembling the cabin for the K5 series started as early as November 2018. According to the manufacturer, the design of the cabin complies with all the latest ergonomic requirements – the distance from the floor to the roof is 1980 millimetres and the internal width is 2270 mm.

What distinguishes Kamaz 54901?

First of all, driving comfort. The vehicle, which was developed in cooperation with companies such as Daimler and Liebherr, is a combination of Western technology, German ergonomics and a Russian vision of modern technology, useful in difficult working conditions.

Cab & seat

Everything you need to drive your vehicle, including the dashboard, is within easy reach. To the right of the steering wheel, the driver will find an onboard information system with a 10-inch touch screen. The vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission and the engine is started at the push of a button.

There is more to comfort. The driver’s seat is mounted on an airbag and has a wide adjustment range. The cabin has plenty of storage space – three lockable drawers and two open shelves under the roof.

Chassis & axle

The tractor’s chassis is made of high-strength lightweight steels. The front axle has an increased load of up to 9 tons.

Fuel & fuel consumption

The manufacturers have increased the volume of fuel tanks – there is a possibility to use one tank of 800 litres or two tanks of 1400 litres. The vehicle is to consume about 30 litres per 100 km. Vehicle standard – Euro 5.

Transmission & engine

Kamaz 54901 is equipped with a new ZF Traxon automatic transmission for 12 front and 2 rear gears and a completely new P6 engine type with 400 to 550 hp and 11.95 L capacity.

The engine service interval is 150,000 km.

Safety systems

The tractor is equipped with a driver fatigue detection system, active steering and autonomous traffic jam assist. The status of the vehicle systems can be controlled remotely by means of a mobile phone.

The vehicle is equipped with three braking systems:

– ASR – anti-slip regulation,

– ESP – electronic stability program for full control of the vehicle’s behaviour on the road,

– EBS – electronic braking system that reduces brake wear and braking distance.

Maximum mileage

The manufacturer anticipates that the new Kamaz will be able to achieve a mileage of 1.2 million kilometres, of which 260,000 km are covered by the warranty.

Kamaz 54901 – price

The cost of the new Kamaz is from 3.8 to 5.4 million roubles (50-71.000 euros). Price depends on the configuration and availability of additional options. What matters is that no used spare parts are available on the market for the time being.

Mass production of Kamaz generation K5 is the main objective of the manufacturer in 2019. This year, the Russian truck giant plans to manufacture 39,000 vehicles, 33,000 of which will be sold on the Russian market. In addition, the company plans to invest about 15 billion roubles (198 million euros) in the development of the enterprise. Net income should reach 500 million roubles (approx. 7 million euros) with revenues of 197 billion roubles (2, 6 billion euros).

Photos: Kamaz

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