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It is not a surprise that using a phone while driving is prohibited in most EU countries The French, however, are going a step further – using a mobile in a vehicle with the engine off will also be subject to punishment.

135 EUR fine and 3 penalty points – these will be the consequences for the driver in France who uses a phone not only while driving, but also at a stop. In accordance with the judgement of the Court of Cassation given on 23 January this year, using a phone with a hand in a stopped vehicle, even with the engine off, shall be punished.

Headphones also prohibited

According to the court, unless drivers stop the vehicle on a parking place or a private property, they still are a part of the road traffic – says the French journal „Le Figaro”. Also, it is forbidden to use headphones while phoning, including wireless headphones with Bluetooth system. The situations in which the driver is forced to call for help – road accidents or failures – will be an exception.

According to „Le Figaro”, during driving the drivers may use only the hands-free system or built-in Bluetooth systems integrated with the vehicle.




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