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Even if you know that Japan is one of the strangest places in the world, this use of trucks can surprise you – reports American media and publishes pictures of delivery vehicles converted into mobile gardens. For this purpose, the Japanese decided to re-arrange one of their smallest delivery trucks.

Every year, the organization of the Japanese Federation of Landscape Contractors organizes an unusual competition – Kei Truck Garden Contest. It is then that owners of small trucks from all prefectures transform car crates into Japanese gardens for several hours.

While most participants stick to traditional design elements, such as gravel paths, sliding doors and relaxing water installations, some opt for a more modern and minimalist design” – notes

For gardeners and even firefighters

The gardens are built only on Kei trucks, otherwise known as Keitor, or „light trucks”. In fact, they are light and small – weigh up to 700 kg, are slightly over 3 m in length, 1.48 m in width and no more than 2 m in height. No wonder, since their prototype was three-wheelers, reminiscent of built-up motorcycles with a trailer.

In Asia, Kei is very popular, especially in Japan, where narrow streets provide goods to stores. They are used by builders and even … firefighters!

Probably the smallest fire truck in the world, driving around the Japanese city of Shibukawa, was a red Kei. When it was put into service, the media wrote that it was equipped with a pump that spits out 900 liters of water per minute. And only maliciously expressed loud wishes that there would always be a fire hydrant at the burning building because there is no room for any water supplies in the truck.

Photo: Screen from YouTube


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