The lorry cabin with a lounge area and washbasin for solo drivers

The lorry cabin with a lounge area and washbasin for solo drivers

This cabin looks like an IKEA showroom for truckers; a pleasant lounge area with a little fold-up table for your coffee and snacks, a dedicated kitchen area with a microwave oven, plus a sink and a built-in coffee machine as well as smart storage places. All of it comes in neutral colours and is neatly designed by the German Dietrich-Mobility company, who says it recognises the need for cosy living spaces for lorry drivers.

In mid-2019, well before the pandemic, the German mobility service provider Dietrich Mobility recognised the need for a better living condition for lorry drivers and started to consider options on how to make their everyday work and rest more comfortable. The result was cab equipment that can easily bear comparison with a camper. High-quality materials, paired with a sophisticated room concept, turn the previous functional room into a real luxurious oasis of wellbeing.

The interior is available for the Renault Trucks T range with the High Sleeper cabin, and the assembly time is about a week. The price is not public at the moment, however, as the company is speaking about mass production coming in the future, it should be revealed soon.

Under the bed, which can be folded against the back wall of the cabin, a complete apartment is created. There is a lounge area on the left half of the cabin with a couch, plus a table and a factory-sized fridge. When relaxing, the daybed can be unfolded with the legs facing the windshield. Under the couch, you can also find spacious storage spaces.

One of the most important novelties that make the place more comfortable is the built-in sink. The washbasin occupies one of the drawers and is mounted in the cupboard behind the driver’s seat. The tap and drain are connected to the white and grey water tanks, and the inlet for the water is on the back of the tractor.

The cabin is also equipped with three cameras (two placed on the outside, one on the inside) with integrated motion sensors to reduce critical situations at rest stops and parking lots to a minimum. It is up to the drivers themselves whether they make contact with the criminals via the integrated two-way audio system, trigger the central locking or the integrated alarm system by voice command.

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