Mobility Package prompts Belgian carrier to become a hotelier

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Van Moer Logistics from Belgium decided to build a hotel for truck drivers due to the regulations of the Mobility Package, which recently entered into force. According to the carrier, the demand for accommodation will soon grow on a “massive scale.”

Jo Van Moer, the owner of Van Moer Logistics, plans to open a hotel in the Dutch town of Kapellebrug, near the Belgian border and 40 km from the port of Antwerp, early next year. The Reynaert Hotel will be primarily intended for foreign employees, e.g. those working in the port and truck drivers. If tourists search for a room, they will of course also be welcome, Van Moer asserted the Belgian portal

The facility is to provide accommodation mainly to the Belgian company’s employees, who total to 430 drivers, with 73 foreigners, primarily from Romania, driving long distances. As the carrier emphasizes, “the hotel is the answer to the demand, which will soon be massive.” The Mobility Package has introduced a ban on taking regular weekly rests in the vehicle cabin.

As announced by Van Moer, the hotel will offer 20 rooms, and its guests will be able to use a kitchen, laundry room with dryers, common room and full sanitary facilities. There will also be a hotel restaurant open between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. According to the carrier’s assurances, it will serve not only Dutch but also Belgian beers. The entrance and room codes will be sent to the guests when booking online. In addition, the parking lot under the hotel is to accommodate full-size semi-trailer trucks. The hotel opening is planned for February 2021.

Photo: Trans.INFO