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The Dutch Minister for Agriculture has announced a ban on the transport of livestock at temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. In turn, the Spanish General Directorate for Road Traffic (DGT) abolished the seasonal restriction of truck traffic on the route from the centre of the Iberian Peninsula to the Basque Country to the border with France in Irún. 

Since 2 July, the Netherlands has banned the transport of livestock at temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. As early as September last year, Carola Schouten, the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, announced that she wants a ban on the transport of animals in extreme temperatures, reports Last summer, many animals died or suffered from heat during transport. 

In addition, transport that lasts more than eight hours at temperatures above 30 degrees is also not allowed

The National Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (Nationale Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit, or NVWA for short) is to intensify controls on animal transport when the forecasted temperature exceeds 27 degrees.

Partial relaxation of the restriction in Spain

The Spanish General Directorate for Road Traffic (DGT) decided to partially lift the restrictions it imposed on Sunday afternoons and holidays in July and August on N-1, A-1 and AP-1 between Burgos and the Basque Country towards France. For ADR and special transports, the bans still apply. 

According to DGT, the bans on these routes will be partially relaxed as follows: 

  • from 242 km of A-1 (at Burgos-Castañares) to 249 km (Rubena),
  •  on N-1 from Rubena to 336 km (Treviño) of the same road,
  • on AP-1 from its start in Burgos-Castañares to 77 km in Miranda de Ebro.

This restriction covered the route from the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, through the Basque Country, to the border with France. As decided by DGT, it will not be in force this year. This means that vehicles over 7.5 t will be able to use the route on Sundays during the summer between 4 pm and 9 pm (from 3 July to 13 September), as well as on other Sundays and holidays of the year. 

However, the exception is made for Sundays 16, 23 and 30 August, when the ban will be maintained, just as on public holidays on Monday 12 October, Monday 2 November and Tuesday 8 December.

The Federation of Transport Associations Fenadismer sought to remove the restrictions. According to the organisation, the bans have unduly restricted the activities of Spanish carriers in other European markets. However, foreign companies carrying out transports in this part of Spain will also benefit from the relaxation.

Bans for trucks

Photo: Wikimedia/Jorge Franganillo CC SA 2.0


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