The official launch of the hydrogen-powered Nikola truck is announced. It will have 1010 hp engine

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The official launch of the hydrogen-powered Nikola truck is announced. It will have 1010 hp engine

Nikola Motor Company announced the premiere of a new truck in the spring of next year. Nikola Two will have amazing performance.

Unlike Nikola One, the second truck of the American company will be presented as a ready truck. The first premiere, Nikola Motor Company edition was just a harbinger of what the company intended to create.

On April 16, Nikola will unveil the pre-production hydrogen electric semi-truck, 2.3 megawatt hydrogen station and the Nikola NZT 4X4. April 17 will be dedicated to demonstration drives and hydrogen filling.

Not only will our team be unveiling the most advanced production semi-truck the world has ever seen, but we will also be revealing the Nikola NZT all-electric 4×4 vehicle and a massive 2.3 megawatt hydrogen station. This is why we named it Nikola World – we want to create a better place to live where emissions are eliminated,” said Trevor Milton, CEO, Nikola Motor Company.

The highlight of the event will be the Nikola truck, hydrogen station and NZT unveilings, followed by a series of demonstration drives. While only a few lucky guests will be in the vehicles during the drives, the truck and NZT will be available for viewing by everyone while in action. Nikola will also show off their 2.3 megawatt hydrogen station in Phoenix during the event.

The largest fleets and customers in the world will attend this event and they will see what no other OEM could deliver – a production-ready, zero emission semi-truck, with over 1,000-mile range, 20 percent less operating costs per mile, more horsepower, torque and safety features than any other diesel ever built, and a startup did it. Remember that!” –  adds Milton

As the manufacturer assures, the range of truck will be about 1600-1900 km, and the operating costs will be 20 percent lower than in the case of diesel trucks. The vehicle will be equipped with Bosch electric engines with a total power of 1010 hp.

To date, the company has nearly eleven billion dollars in pre-order reservations. Ryder System and Thompson Caterpillar will be on site at the event to work with fleets and customers to finalize orders.

By 2028, Nikola is planning on having more than 700 hydrogen stations across the USA and Canada. Each station is capable of up to 8,000 kgs of daily hydrogen production.

Photo: Nikola

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