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The Sky is the limit! E-commerce...

The Sky is the limit! E-commerce news by Nabil

The Sky is the limit! E-commerce news by Nabil

The Sky is the limit! E-commerce news by Nabil

The big news of the week was Amazon joining the club of FAA-approved drone operators for Prime Air delivery fleet. 30 minutes drone delivery is not yet here but one step closer.

Other exciting news from last week include…

  • Walmart finally ready for Walmart+
  • Wholefoods opens its first online store
  • Wish Marketplace files for IPO
  • Costco ecommerce sales up 101%
  • On-demand Supply Chain Moteefe raises $11M

The event you can’t miss! Are you ready for Flow2020?

With Covid19 shaking up the world of e-commerce, it’s time for all of us to reinvent ourselves!

Want to learn about e-commerce fulfilment, robotics, automation & innovation from the best in the industry? Join 6 River System’s Flow2020 conference on the 16th & 17th of September.

30 sessions with 40 speakers including Shopify, Crate & Barrel, XPO Logistics, DHL, Office Depot and many more.

Sessions include key topics such as The Human Side of Robots, Peak Preparation, Ecommerce B2B, Grocery fulfilment and Omnichannel fulfilment automation.

Amazon lands FAA Drones approval

The sky’s the limit!

Will Amazon start delivering your next delivery by drone? Probably not! But this step is a major step for the company in the pursuit of drone delivery fleet. Amazon joins Wing Alphabet (approved on Apr2019) and UPS (approved on Oct2019) in the club of the 3 companies approved by FAA for drone delivery operations.

Ok, but what does it mean exactly? This allows the company to begin testing customer deliveries and the ability to carry products on small drones.

30 minute delivery by drones is not yet here but just got one step closer! Be ready!

Read more about Amazon’s FAA Drones approval HERE.

Walmart will finally launch Walmart+

After couple of delays, Walmart+ is launching on 15th of Sep. The million dollar question in everybody’s mind (at least in the US) is….Will Walmart+ take over customers from Amazon Prime in a significant way with this new membership offering?

My view: No!!!

2 Reasons:

Amazon streaming services is a huge differentiator for prime customers

Amazon has 3Million Products available for same-day delivery while W+ has 160K. Availability and Speed are king here!

Read more about Walmart+ HERE.

Amazon to open first online-only Wholefoods store in Brooklyn

Darkstores, Microfulfillment center, Hybrid stores….One of the key trends we are seeing as part of the COVID19 impact on retail is the convergence of online & offline experience and the shift of physical retail to serve the online sales channel.

As Amazon grocery sales tripled year-over-year in the second quarter, the company is accelerating the trajectory of its off-online model. This is the first online-only Wholefoods store which only purpose is to fulfill online grocery orders to customers in the Brooklyn area. The convergence of online and physical experience has never been so intense and this will be a model which we will see being replicated (some companies like Best Buy are also converting multiple stores into fulfillment centers). This is just the beginning and don’t be surprised to start seeing more and more of your local stores & restaurant dedicated to online orders only.

Check out the news about the Brooklyn store HERE and HERE.

Wish confidentially files to go public

Wish is one of the most interesting marketplaces. Why? The company competes for head to head with Amazon & Walmart and it’s one of the largest marketplaces but it is also unknown to many people. The main reason is that the company focuses only on deeply discounted products. The kind of products which you mostly don’t really need but you still buy them for some reasons. The company is valued at 11.2Bln and has 70M active users, an entry in the stock market (while Wall Street has been enthusiastic for e-commerce stocks) is probably timely…

Read more about the news HERE.

Costco e-commerce sales up 101% in August

Some of the winners of COVID19 are definitely big box retailers…! And Costco is certainly one of the companies which has seen positive trends on sales as part of the stay at home economy. Net sales increased 15% in Aug compared to last year and e-commerce sales grew 101%! A very strong momentum which is here to stay!

Read more about Costco’s sales HERE.

Startup of the week: Moteefe

On-demand merchandise platform Moteefe raises $11M

Moteefe, the e-commerce platform for on-demand production of merchandise, has raised $11 million in their series B. The company offers a very interesting model and value proposition in my opinion.

Moteefe provides an “end-to-end” supply chain technology solution for entrepreneurs, influencers and micro to large retailers wanting to design, create and sell customized products (Ie: customized t-shirts or engraved jewelry for example).

The platform enables brands to design merchandise and sell it via their own white-labeled Moteefe store or through their own site, app or other marketing channels.

It’s basically like providing the entire supply, production and sales tools to anyone who wants to sell online!

Read more about Moteefe HERE.

Nabil Malouli is VP, Global E-commerce for DHL Supply Chain where he leads the innovation, strategy and product development of its e-commerce fulfilment and last-mile solutions.

Photo: Pixabay

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